What Is Dropship Spy ?

What Is Dropship Spy ?

Update: As of about June 2018, DropShip spy had a bit of an overhaul and a makeover, so it is time to upgrade this review!

One of the many difficulties when it comes to DropShipping is attempting to find hot products or the most recent fad that could possibly make you extra money, without having to go looking for it.

What Is Dropship Spy ?

One of those services is called DropShip Spy an alternative to EcomHunt. This article with review how DropShip Spy functions, and also how they function to provide you with a bit of a background tour.

So welcome, to the DropShip Spy Review, is it really the key 007 tool of DropShipping?


They are essentially a marketing company, who constantly look out or find products that are either selling well or getting a lot of attention on social networking.

Then they provide their members with the specifics of those’hot selling products’ on their site (members only naturally ), in addition to a number of different tools to assist DropShippers succeed in the world of eCom.

You could say they are a DropShipping Spy Tool!

What Are Hot Selling Products?

This is the bulk of DropShip Spy and a few of the main attractions to using this site.

The Winning Products as they are called here, are goods that DropShip Spy deem as doing well and could possibly earn you money.


With the recent update, DropShip Spy have actually filtered out their pricing and membership options, including what you see on particular pages.

For my original review (and images) I had complete access, though because of the changes and the way I use DropShip Spy for my own businesses, this is not the identical case. I only have access too the Premium Package.

For all of the following bits of information with regards to what you get from the Product Pages, I will explain what level of Membership you will need to access or see it.

Starting with the Basic Level membership.


A useful bit of information is the present number of Facebook shares, comments and enjoys on different Facebook articles and pages, showing you how viral the product is in general.

It can also be useful if you’re attempting to get inspiration.

With the latest update, this is now classed as an Engagement Score, and gives you a rough idea how well products are selling or how’viral’ they might be. To find engagement scores on products instantly, you will require fundamental Membership or higher.


DropShip Spy also provides you with helpful, if not slightly over the top advert text for you to use within your advertisements. I would suggest tweaking them if you’re going to consider using them as they can be a bit hit and miss at times!

They also provide you with a video advertising that you can use. It’s been demonstrated that Facebook videos get a lot more engagement and have a greater chance of being seen than Facebook posts.

For mepersonally, this Facebook video advertising was hugely helpful, as it meant I did not have to try and source it from other areas (usually too hardly any success).


As part of the new update for 2018, DropShip spy now provides you with two unique Sales reports.

These products give you numbers and information on how well products are selling on larger sites. Obviously being Amazon and eBay.


A long time coming, but something I am glad doesn’t exist.

You now have the ability to export the product you want straight into Oberlo, and then into your Shopify shop.

You will want the new Chrome Extension that has recently been released.

You can see how easy it is with the movie below.


Fundamentally these are links to the stores that sell these products. They do offer a number of different stores, with information such as current number being sold, their costs, shipping prices and possible profit.

The profits are based on what other shops are selling the thing at, so this is, of course, speculative, as you might not receive the same price.


The huge wealth of information that DropShip Spy supplies can really help you beyond the initial product that you went to look at.

Utilizing the Cat Hammock for instance, they provide you with targeting markets to help you start finding the correct people to receive your product in front of.

This may be brilliant if you are stuck for ideas, or have a general store and you have not tried to sell cat-related products, you may find it’s more difficult than you first thought, do you understand certain cat related magazines, Facebook pages or similar? Probably not, so this can really help with your creative juices.

With the recent upgrade to DropShip Spy, they have provided you with more information with respect to Instagram and provide you the ability to research products on arguably among the best places to promote your products.

They also have added a tiny boost to the Audience Builder, allowing you to see what Audiences they believe will work, and then providing you with thoughts on variants to that original audience.

Finally, the last bit of information found on the Winning Product page will require you to have the Professional Plan.


Finally, after all that you’re also shown both Amazon reviews and AliExpress Reviews.

For me, this was not quite as easy, as I did not need to download the reviews and upload them to Shopify. I took that stress out by using an app called AliReviews.

You just add the link and they do the rest, magical.

If you’re thinking of upgrading to the professional plan just for this bit of extra info, I would not bother. Stick to the Premium Membership!

On top of all that information concerning the item, DropShip Spy go on to provide a number of extra tools and databases, even though to get access too these you are going to need to upgrade from the free plan.
For the following tools, you’re going to have to have at least Basic level membership (if not higher), as with the Winning Product information, I will start from the ground up with base tools, increasing to the Professional Plan Tools.

Recently introduced, this calculator allows you to understand the currently’virality’ of a product.

By using a number of different data points, the calculator will tell you how popular or engaged a particular advert or product is.

Obviously you should look into the data a bit more and check to find out if the remarks or’likes’ are favorable or not, an advert could have 500 angry faces and 100’enjoys’, but still be classed as with 600’engagements’.

As already mentioned above, this tool goes hand in hand with the social media niche tips.

This is a new tool especially for 2018, it is essentially a way of finding specific ideas within niches.

For example, you might choose to target Jewellery, but have no clue where to start. The audience builder will then show you things related to Jewellery, for instance, brands, other audiences or pages (Kick-Ass Jewellery or Badass Jewellery).

It helps build up a number of different areas to target.


Another new comer for 2018 (seeing a theme yet, they’ve been busy!) .

The Promising Product, is not really a tool, but more of a database.

These are hand chosen products that seem to be going viral, or doing really well in their particular niche. They may be products which have a really higher order rate on AliExpress, or they may be things that have not yet gone viral within an advert but the webpage, shop or Instagram account in question could be doing well selling them.

Essentially gives you the ability to potentially stat one step ahead of the competition.


Another new tool that has recently been released is the Instagram Influencer Research tool.

This tool gives you a little, but useful number of stats about Instagram accounts, mainly their engagement score. Which shows you how useful they may be to partner with.

By looking at the participation score, you can begin to estimate how many followers could be fake, or do not really like or comment on images. Having run several high profile accounts, and DropShipping shop accounts, I usually average at 2 – 6 percent engagement, but then again I try to find ones that have a fantastic number of comments. So not always helpful!


Influencers are big business in 2018, they are arguably among the best ways to try and sell a product. Folks buy from who they trust.

DropShip Spy have collated a growing (from what I can see) database of influencers, and given you access to them. Helpful, but you may use different services to receive similair to be fair.


Basically a way of asking the guys who run the site to do the research and provide you with details about any of the following;

Products – Including niche products

Facebook Audiences – Including markets, interests, age ranges etc

Influencer Requests – Pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin, give them a market and they’ll attempt to find you an influencer within that niche.

The new request ability is a means of using people who’ve been in the game for quite a while to help you with product research or advertising, and hats off too them, since it looks to be working!

What Does This All Price Tag?

DropShip Spy now offer 4 different tiers of membership.
If you would like DropShip Spy for free, you can do so.

Using their free level membership, gives you access to a database of winning products (what was called the Daily Winning Products), as well as getting access to the participation score calculator!

The drawback to this is that in the event you run specific niches then you won’t find this helpful whatsoever.

To get access to the other tools and the whole back catalogue of products, you need to sign up for their paid membership tiers.

The paid membership tiers are as follows;

Standard Membership – $17 A Month

It provides you with all of the Free Membership benefits, as well as the;

  • Video adverts,
  • Supplier and profit information,
  • Sales Reports and Data from Amazon & eBay
  • The chrome extension and one click importing to Oberlo

For me, this is still a excellent deal, considering you get access to all of the movies, and the ability to do one click importing nowadays.

Premium Membership – $27 A Month

Provides you with all of the above benefits, as well as;

The new Promising Products database
Facebook audience builder & social tips
Instagram research tools
Facebook audiences for goods information
You are getting into slightly more expensive land here, and I would suggest looking at this strategy when you’ve got a baseline for your shop already. You already have products which are selling well, but you’re looking for the next edge.

Professional Membership – $35 A Month

Now you are into big player territory (this is the identical cost of using services such as WorldWideBrands or even Salehoo(which is actually just $67 a year and you get a good deal of the same info).

So, as per usual you get access too All the aforementioned tools and information, as well as;

  • Influencer Database
  • Requests – Including Products, Audiences & Influencers
  • Amazon Review Downloader

As I have said above, for me this is not worth the $9 extra month, unless you are constantly using influencers and need to keep finding new ones.

Other providers for Influencers do cost more than $9 a month, but you shouldn’t need to discover a new one EVERY month.

The request part could be useful, but you need to have more than enough information and products with promising products and all the Winning Product databases. It’s only useful if you’ve got a super specific market, but if that’s the case you should probably have a fantastic understanding already about what your audience needs.

Is There A DropShip Spy Coupon Code?

As far as I am aware, there’s absolutely no official coupon from the business themselves, but they do slash the costs of monthly programs every now and then, so it’s well worth checking out the most recent bargain.


As with all the posts on this website, I like to keep a balanced view. Therefore, I do feel there are some downsides to these services as DropShip Spy and other sites like ecomhunt.

But, they are minimal.

My chief’con’ is that you could basically go do this research yourself, you can easily open up AliExpress and see the top selling merchandise within that niche, without needing to click lots of buttons, the drawback is you don’t get the targeting information or the adverts, you will have to request them.

Another difficulty I have is that a whole lot of the products are rather generic, or do not look to be huge winners, I have used the website for a number of months, and I’ve only found or used a handful of those products they have offered, but I ran very specific niches and I discovered that finding my own winning product was much better.

With the new upgrade, they’ve introduced the promising products database, so this could expand the overall product offerings and move away from the generic products, and you do have access too a team of people willing to go find products within your niches if you want to shell out the $35 per month for the privilege.

Finally, after to talking too a man named Rhys and reading his review (check it out here) I went back and looked through some of the products that providers like DropShip spy provide, and I need to agree with him, some of the products offered do split trade mark laws (i.e they are trade marked goods for goods like Disney or Star Wars… a little insecure ).

If you are one of those individuals who doesn’t care (you need to care) then hey. . That is your own business.

If you wish to reduce this risk then I would recommend looking at Salehoo, who offer warranties on the products they supply.


Not really, would I say it’s worth it?

Yes, if you’re fighting for ideas and need a helping hand, then it is worth it for at least a month or two until you find your feet.

So, there you have it the DropShip Spy review and attribute walk-through, enjoy!

If you’re interested in other tools to grow your arsenal then I’d suggest reading the Salehoo review! It may come in handy!

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